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NO: 6969/16383
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Waifusion is a digital Waifu collection. There are 16,384 guaranteed-unique Waifusion NFTs. They’re just like you; a beautiful work of art, but 2-D and therefore, superior, Anon-kun.

Waifusions are randomly and fairly distributed on-chain which means they don’t like it when perverts try to add too many Waifus to their harem. Be faithful to your Waifus and only buy a max of 20 at once for your harem!

Each Waifu is wholly unique and yours forever... unless you sell them... Baka.

Get Your Waifus WET?

When you hold a Waifusion NFT, you get WET. WET lets you change the name of your currently-owned Waifusions. After 10 years, no one gets WET anymore. Ben Shapiro was right.
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The Dungeon
Help! All the remaining waifus have been thrown in the dungeon!

You can buy a waifu's freedom by paying the last presale price of 0.7ETH

Have a naughty waifu? Burn WET to throw her into the dungeon permanently and exchange her for a more obedient waifu.